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Residential Loans Programs

If you are buying, refinancing or building a home, Generation Mortgage has the loan to meet your needs at the most attractive terms available.

We offer financing on primary residences, second homes and investment properties.

All our residential loans are serviced by our partner company Generation Mortgage. Call today 727-432-2181 for a pre-qualification!

Loan Programs

  • The most flexible loan for borrowers purchasing a primary residence.

  • The most popular option for the everyday person.

  • For loans that exceed $417,000, we offer fixed rate loans as well as Adjustable Rate Mortgages at the most competitive rates.

  • A loan for veterans and active duty military that requires no down payment.

How it works...

1Applying: Please, call our Licensed Mortgage Officer 727-432-2181, we will take you application by phone and will be able to do a pre-qualification and review the right loan program that fit your needs.

2Processing: Once our processing center receives your application, a Loan Officer will pre-screen your file based on income and credit worthiness. An Appraiser local to the area will be commissioned to review the property. The original Loan Officer assigned to your file will be your contact for any questions relating to your loan.

3Underwriting: The decision to approve or deny a loan is based upon several basic factors: employment history, credit, income, debt to income ratio's, cash savings and property appraisal. We pride ourselves in offering programs that cover almost any kind of credit history, good or slow credit included. The underwriting process typically takes 2 to 3 days. Your Loan Officer will immediately contact you once your loan is approved.

4Closing: After you have been approved, Generation Mortgage will prepare the closing documents that will be supplied to our closing agent. Closings can take place in three business days after loan approval.